Voice Actor Artist

I’m in 9-Bit Armies!

It’s been a bit of a bit since I had the great pleasure of getting to throw down in a video game, and I can’t think of a better one than this.

It’s an “old school” Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game in several senses: the style of gameplay and the fact that the graphics are designed to look -ancient-.

I had the absolute joy of getting to be 11 different characters in the game.  Jump over and give a listen to the many ways in which I get to express death throes!

George Nowik Booth Picture

All about me: the Voice Actor!

Let the sepia-tone man speak

Bringing spoken life to the written word is my passion! I’ve been a voiceover artist / voice actor for over 20 years now.  It all began when someone said “Golly gee, you have a nice voice, please use this tiny microphone and record stuff for our phone system.”  Never looked back, hooked ever since.

From that auspicious beginning, I jumped into voicing intense characters for games, flash animation, and independent movies. Fast forward to now! I take great pleasure in providing engaging and emphatic narrations for all types of projects. Commercial, medical, corporate, eLearning, animation, and video games are just a few examples.

The medical side of narration is of very specific interest to me. My experience as current vice president of a durable medical equipment company has afforded me the opportunity of years of experience, background, and familiarity with a wealth of medical topics. This has helped with narration but also with actual hands-on experience implementing many of the products and subjects spoken about!

If you’d like to get super ultra detailed, have I got the page for you.  Jump over to my About page for tons more detail.  More than you asked for.  Even a tiny bit about fast food work.  Because really, every kid should experience customer service at least once.  In my humble opinion.  But I digress, you’re here for demo listening.  In case you missed it on the front page, you are welcome to check it out under the giant caps letters link: DEMOS

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You have questions.  I have answers. Some of them may even be correct.  Or at least entertaining.
Drop me a line at george@georgenowik.com or use the form below.