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This category is an overarching cover-all for anything related to audio engineering.  This is a tutorial category for specifics in the field.  If a blog post is going to go up that talks about anything related, it’s gonna get dumped in here. You love it!  Audio engineering is fun!  It’s crazy!  Laughter.  Tears.  Beers! You get the drift. You’re smart that way!

In the event you find something interesting happening here, please feel free to take a look at my website for a more focused look at my work.

Please also consider taking a look at my Soundcloud Page. That is where I am sharing experiments in my Radio Imaging learning journey, parody songs that I do for podcasts. Possibly even video game covers and other general audio mayhem may show up there.

If you are willing to take a quick listen to one of my Voiceover Demos, I would be eternally grateful.  They generally reflect things that I am passionate about – healthcare, music, finances, bacon – and are also examples of work that I have done that I would be delighted to do for you.

Thanks for getting this far! General descriptions are not necessarily all that interesting. If by some chance you’re actually reading it, please know that I am grateful for your fortitude.

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