Welcome to my first blog ever!

– General Mayhem –

Everybody has a variety of topics and things that they find interesting.  While it’s probably not a good first blog topic, it’s fun to know that somewhere out there is someone who is ultra super passionate about macrame hangings, artisan sourdough baked from a verifiable 200+ year old starter, figuring out how to make hollandaise sauce from scratch in the microwave without burning the yolk (if that’s you and you see this, please email me post haste), and the list goes on.

New First Blog Smell (or Why on earth am I doing this?)

During the course of my LinkedIn contact building experiment – that’s a fancy way of saying “I need to make new friends in the professional world” – something I hear repeatedly from new contacts as we get to know each other is “Wait, you do WHAT?”  To be fair, this is something that I frequently say to OTHER new contacts almost constantly.  I don’t always actively think about all of the things that I tend to obsess about until it comes up in conversation.  It finally occurred to me that having someplace to document some of those things and their specifics might be a fun idea, along with a collection of thoughts about LinkedIn experiences, projects I’m working on, and a nice historical look-back at what is happening and when.

Historical Context

Part of this was also prompted by the discovery that Livejournal never actually dumped its historical data.  Once upon a time I participated in the fairly regular gathering of online thoughts and ideas. Braindumping them into the “blogosphere” to share with other friends who were doing the same thing was all the rage.  It was something of a precursor to what the Book of Faces ended up becoming while being more journaling-centric than Myspace was capable of handling at the time.  The result of this discovery: I pumped out quite a bit of writing, I remembered that I really enjoyed writing, and I was a very odd individual.  The latter hasn’t changed all that much, but it was a different kind of odd.

All of the above to say: there are some topics that I am excited to braindump about.

The “Short” List

  • Voiceover
  • Music composition
  • Audio Engineering
  • Instrument playing and recording
  • Radio Imaging (this is my new obsession, found at my Soundcloud Page.)
  • Electronics
  • Durable/Home medical equipment provider life
  • Creating rock versions of of old Video Game Music
  • Cybersecurity (experiences from a ransomware attack and sharing what I’ve learned)
  • Life with Tourette’s Syndrome (and the ADHD/OCD/Misophonia components that come with it)
  • Video Games
  • The wild and crazy things my kids say (example: my youngest is belting the Star Wars fanfare into a Dora the Explorer Microphone amplifier right this moment)

That’s probably the short list.  Other stuff will come up from time to time; my focus shifts rapidly and I find myself going down weird rabbit holes that I didn’t expect.  In fact, I think the first subject I’m going to cover in the next post is my recent obsession with Radio Imaging, what it is, and why it’s scratching six thousand different itches.

In any event, welcome along for the ride!  A bit lengthy for the first blog, and hopefully has that new first blog smell.  With fewer carcinogens.  I truly hope that something of value ends up being found here for you outside of me just rambling on and on ad nauseam.



Are we having fun yet?

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Straddling the line between the arts - voiceover, music composition, session performer, album mixing - and the world of durable medical equipment. Probably should have spent more time playing on the balance beam as a kid instead of obsessing over Commodore 64 games.

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